The Asylum Escapee is a character who appeared in one of Tabbes's videos, entitled Brawl with an Asylum Escapee.  He's based on a man that Tabbes had a fight with on a subway.


As described by Tabbes, the Asylum Escapee is an elderly man with a creepy smile and wearing not much more than a blue hospital gown (the blue isn't shown in the video since Tabbes's videos are mostly black and white).
Asylum Escapee


Sometime in November 2017, Tabbes encountered this creep on a subway she was taking to get to her home for Thanksgiving.  When Tabbes boarded the subway there was no one else there, but halfway to her stop the Escapee got on, with a fistful of newspapers in his hand.  He walked over to Tabbes and stood in front of her for a while, breathing heavily.  Eventually he backed away and sat down in the seat across from her, putting the newspapers in his lap, but soon after he started groaning loudly, causing Tabbes to look up at him out of concern.  She then noticed that he was smiling, and she quickly figured out why after noticing that he was wanking, much to her disgust.  Tabbes decided to report the Escapee to the police and take a picture of him in case they needed one to identify him, but before she could get the picture he accidentally dropped his newspapers, exposing his junk.  As Tabbes struggled to keep from dropping her phone, the Escapee picked up his newspapers, walked over to Tabbes, and placed his hand on her shoulder.  This finally set Tabbes off, causing her to stand up and shove him down.  It barely deterred the Escapee, though, and he quickly got up to put his hand on her again.  They then started to struggle against each other for a while, until the next stop arrived and Tabbes pushed him off the train.  Unfortunately, this resulted in Tabbes missing her stop, but she managed to call an Uber.  During the ride, Tabbes told the Uber driver her story, and he told her that he was indeed an escapee from a mental institute with a pretty big number of escapees.


  • The Asylum Escapee bears some resemblance to a few characters such as Doc Brown and Dr. Wily.
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